Platter Large Fused Glass Decorative  Oranges

Platter Large Fused Glass Decorative Oranges

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19" X 6 1/4"

The platters enhance any table as an art piece or center piece for a dinner gathering.  They can hold anything: salmon, hors d'ouvres, fruit. vegetables, bread or whatever you like to serve. They go beautifully with our solid colored  tableware.  Our small dishes provide an accent for sauces or dips.  It would look stunning in a book case or china cabinet on a stand. This is one of a kind.

The platters are fused in a 24 hour kiln cycle 2 to 3 times with temperatures up to 1500 degrees and then slumped over a mold to create the shape.
Prices vary depending on colors in that certain colors are more expensive.