Macrame Abstract Hanging
Macrame Abstract Hanging

Macrame Abstract Hanging

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6 1/4" x 4"

If you were to visit our studio you would be struck with the amount of glass we have saved year after year to be repurposed in different ways to create unique designs.

We conscientiously try not to have any of our glass head for the landfill.  We utilize all left over shapes from larger designs and create beauty out of them.  This is a
challenge and these window hangings evolved over time using  or reclaiming scrap glass in unique ways.  Sondra particularly is very good at this.  The process is not easy and it is time consuming but she finds it particularly intriguing to reclaim these gems, creating beauty out of what might have been discarded. These creations are macramed for hanging and have wonderful fluid open spaces where the inner and outer  landscapes converse.