Bowl and Plate Set Blue Periwinkle  Unusual Design

Bowl and Plate Set Blue Periwinkle Unusual Design

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This handmade bowl has a round bottom and opens up into a soft triangle and can be bought as a set as pictured if you want.  The bowl is  a newer shape for us and and we are enjoying combining unique colors together.  We love how our bowls look on our 8" plates and have decided to sell them as sets.  If you wish, this bowl can be bought separately as found in Gifts under $100. or in Bowls Platters and Plates.
We love the freedom of making abstract designs with varying colors, sizes, textures and shapes.  The uses of these creations are multiple.  They can stand alone as a small creation of art, however they are very versatile and can hold any special treasures or foods. The set makes a wonderful and unusual gift for any occasion.
6" bowl  8" plate