Landscape:  Return To The Forest

Landscape: Return To The Forest

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11 3/4" x 6 3/8"
We have long  been drawn in by the mystical magic world of nature and  attempt to capture a glimpse of it through glass.  Landscapes  are created with many layers of color, shapes and textures that involve cut pieces, various sizes of glass frit from powders to coarse.  It is painting with glass starting from the back ground and adding multiple layers to create depth. The process is challenging and labor intensive.  The landscapes are loaded into a kiln for up  to  a 24 hour cycle   This cycle is repeated  3 to   5 times adding further layers to get the desired results.  Looking in the kiln at the final product is always  trepidatious and  very exciting. There is  a tension between what we hoped to capture and the transforming alchemy of  the kiln.  We are always hoping to capture a feeling of awe and resonance.  The final process is cold working each creation,  cutting  and polishing it.  It comes with a stand for display.